Core Values

Our Commitment

Becoming a member will link you to an organisation with a powerful national voice. 

Being a member ensures that your voice is heard too.  We provide a two-way link between EDI professionals and those working right at the heart of policy.  We ensure the government is aware of the issues that members raise with us and how day to day decisions impacts on EDI practice.

Our Code of Conduct

We are committed to

  • Observe the provisions as outlined in the Equalities Act 2010 and the accompanying Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED).
  • Promote the voices of our members.
  • Represent our members when liaising with politicians, government officials and other key leaders in EDI work to proactively address inequalities.
  • Commit to promoting equal opportunities, celebrating diversity and supporting inclusive practice in all aspects of our work and activities.
  • Focus on service improvements for all and in particular for those working in a public facing service provision such as adults and children’s social care.

Member’s Code of Conduct

As a member you agree to:

  • Uphold embraceEDI’s core values in your role as an EDI practitioner.
  • Conduct yourself honourably and professionally at all times.
  • Be committed to anti-discriminatory practice.

UK-Wide Services

Our services span across the entire UK

United Kingdom